Handling Loss and Grief   |   10 Sessions 

As a person goes through Handling Loss and Grief they will be able to identify what the Bible has to say about handling grief.  
To grieve is human; how to grieve Christianly is supernatural.
 It requires us to invite the Holy Spirit to guide us through the grieving process.


This booklet also provides guidance in the use of Scripture to help the grieving. 
It offers Biblical coping methods for facing loss of a loved-one or a friend and comfort to those who have faced loss.  
This guide primarily provides assistance to those who have suffered loss through death,
but also provides help for anyone ministering to those experiencing a "little death" in life:  divorce, loss of job, etc.


Sessions include:

Session 1 – Facing the Losses of Life

Session 2 – A Christian View of Death

Session 3 – Ministering to the Dying

Session 4 – Coming Face to Face with Death

Session 5 – Coping with Loss by Death

Session 6 – Facing the “Little Deaths” of Life

Session 7 – The Language of Loss

Session 8 – The Language of Recovery

      Session 9 – Lessons Learned Through Grief

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Certificates are given for completing each program. 

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