Insight Group

Discussing the Upward Path to Christian Living described in 2 Peter 1:3-11. The definition of a life controlling problem, delusion and denial, walls of defense, care fronting and leveling.

10 Sessions

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Concerned Person's

Targeting specific families of those struggling with addictions. Covers enabling, boundaries and co-dependency, as well as comfort, hope, letting go and letting God.

10 Sessions

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Anger: Our Master

or Our Servant

Offering a clear explanation of anger, what causes it, and how to recognize when you are winning with anger. ​

10 Sessions​

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Free to Grow

Helping to overcome disappointments and setbacks that are hindering emotional and spiritual development.

13 Sessions

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Overcoming Abuse

Overcoming Abuse ministers to families caught in the cycle of abusive relationships. The curriculum deals with overcoming these abusive relationships through Christ.

11 Sessions

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Committed Couples is for married couples or engaged-to-be-married couples who are committed to God's plan for marriage and family relationship. 

14 Sessions

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Understanding Depression

Participants in Understanding Depression will work to understand what depression is and learn valuable tools to help fight against depression. Along with how to help others trapped in the clutches of depression

10 Sessions

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Handling Loss & Grief

Identify what the Bible has to say about handling grief. Learn to use Scripture to help the grieving and Biblical coping methods for facing loss.

10 Sessions

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